December 25th, 2008

Places - Paris

Good Christmas Morning, Friends & Neighbors

I'm here at my mom's place (well, technically speaking, my mom and dad's), taking a momentary break to leech some free wireless off a neighbor long enough to post and say "Merry Christmas". Everybody in the family seems to be packed in here; I'm pretty sure there are even a few relatives I don't even recognize in this house. Really, I should still be in the kitchen helping to cook, but since I've been in there since 7AM I think I've earned myself a break, don't you?

Things are good. Mr. E is here. He's quiet and looks very much out of his element. He says he's still not used to being around so many people. Maybe we'll go out to a Starbucks later.

Mr. E brought me the prettiest little music box. Hand-carved, hand-painted red with gold accents; there are even little pearls on here. It looks like it cost a fortune, and considering it's imported from Spain... But he just smiled and said he knew people.

I get the feeling this is the best Christmas either one of us has had in a long time. Minus all the time I've had to spend in the kitchen.

Speaking of, I hear my name being called. Time to get back to work!