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Getting to know you…or me…something like that.

1] State your name and business.
Allys and my business is photography.

2] What kind of mindset are you in right now?
Tired, waiting for next week...

3] Who's your favorite superhero?

4] Who's your favorite supervillain?
The Joker. I feel so old school...

5] If you could, at this very moment, walk into any store and have anything from it free, what would you get?
A lovely new Macbook Air. Something my current paycheck won't cover.

6] Who do you want to win the Presidential Election?

7] Who do you THINK will win the Presidential Election?
Obama. I know he's mostly just a good speaker, but he's the lesser of two evils in comparison to McCain.

8] Do you trust flowers?
Only if they're gardenias...

9] Do you like incense?
It kind of sends me into a sneezing fit.

10] Do you smoke? And if yes, what?
If someone offers me a cigarette, I'll take one and be set for a long time. These days my lighter gets used mostly for candles, though...

11] Name one person off the top of your head that you trust everything to.

12] What's something coming up that you're excited and / or anxious about?
Ean's birthday.

13] Are you superstitious at all?
I have my beliefs.

14] Do you like reading?
Too much, perhaps!

15] If you could remodel your room in any way, how would you do it?
I'd probably give it more of a Moulin Rouge feel. Make it look more like Christian's room/apartment... That would be kind of neat.

16] Name two things you missed that you would've loved going to.
Opening night of The Dark Knight with Claire and ComiCon. Stupid work...

17] Give a few lines from the song you're listening to right now. know it's not the end.
We'll always be good friends.
The letters have been sent on...

So always were so free.
You'll see, I promise we'll be
Strangers when we meet,
Strangers on the street,
Lovers while we sleep...

18] Where did your MySpace name come from?
It's my name...

19] Are your fingernails painted?
No. Maybe I should paint them.

20] Honestly, how many hours of sleep do you think you've gotten in the last six or seven days?
Not a lot.

21] Is your hair it's natural color?
Far from it.

22] Name one person you'd really like to punch in the face, whether or not you have a reason.
That guy I found on my couch a couple days ago, whoever he was. I didn't like the way he looked at me.

23] Do you think people have a tendency to perpetuate stereotypes, even or maybe.
Oh, of course. Who doesn't?

24] Any insults you love from other languages?
There are too many in the French language I love to list.

25] Do you watch porn?
It's good for a laugh or two, but I don't get anything else out of it.

26] What's one physical trait that you really, really love on a person?
Their eyes.

27] Any funny conversations today?
Not today, but yesterday, at the shrink's...

"What the hell am I paying you for?"
"You don't. Your insurance does."
"Then what is my insurance paying you for?"

28] Do you prefer even or odd numbers?
Odd. There's always a middle ground with odd numbers.

29] Do you hate it when people post bulletins and do that thing where they delete questions and put things like WHERE'D NUMBER WHATEVER GO? instead of just saying that they deleted it?
I don't do these things often enough to get annoyed by that.

30] Did this survey kill a little bit of your boredom?
I guess...

I think, perhaps, I might look into getting a cat. Unless, of course, Cecile is still afraid of cats. Then maybe I’ll look into a dog or something. I don’t know. My apartment building’s rather animal-friendly and I really like the idea of having something cute and furry around lately. A little terrier sounds like a good idea…

My therapist believes I’m making “considerable progress”. He doesn’t really like the idea that I’m still visiting the patients on the psych ward at work, though. Thinks it is “unhealthy” for me to “expose” myself to that sort of environment, as if mental illness is as easy to catch as the common cold or leprosy or something. He also thinks it’s a bad thing for me to visit my dad anytime soon; wants for me to wait until I’ve made more progress before I do that.

Claire is really on me about meeting Viticus, especially after the mugging incident. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I think she might see him as a potential suitor. If only she knew the truth…

Speaking of people meeting people, Cecile wants to me to properly meet the guy she was making out with the other day. She wants to invite him to dinner. Now is not a good timeframe for that. Now is when I’d sooner chew glass than meet one of my cousin’s new love interests.

I’m aware that sounds harsh, and it’s really cliché, but “if you really knew her”…

Maybe I’ll give him a chance. Maybe. Who knows? Maybe he can keep Cecile on the straight and narrow. But right now is not the best time for me to get involved with that. Right now I’m still irritated by the way he looked at me before I told him to leave.
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