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Baked ziti brings people together.

Cecile is at her boyfriend’s for the night. Hallelujah.

Apparently I’m still capable of making a baked ziti with extra cheese decent enough for there to be no leftovers afterward. I made a pretty big pan (because even though he doesn’t look it, the boy can eat), but it’s gone. All gone. So now we’re watching movies and working our way through a chocolate cheesecake we picked up from a bakery after I got off work. I think he’s going to help me with my hair color soon, but judging from the way he’s yawning and sort of snuggling next to me on the couch…

(He picked me up from work like he just walked off a stage, with his guitar strapped to his back and dressed in a leather jacket and aviators. I think I am now the envy of the female staff on the maternity ward.)

It’s amazing how my mood instantly picks up whenever Viticus comes around. It’s like I’ve known him my whole life, like he’s that friend who knows everything about you (even the darker parts) and doesn’t care because he knows how good you really are. Ean was like that, but in a different way. With Ean it felt uncomfortable at first; with Viticus it’s always been comfortable. I feel safe and I feel sane with him.

I guess it’s because he understands things that Claire can’t or doesn’t. He doesn’t try to convince me that I’m being silly or that I need to move on. He just accepts it.

Also? He’s one hell of a musician. I scribble out songs here and there, but he was playing me some of his earlier and it’s…oh my God. I convinced him to let me copy some lyrics up at the cost of having to sing in front of him.

I suck at singing. I know I do. He’s very good at making me feel like I don’t.

Now just comes picking the right set of lyrics to put up…
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