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Only gay vampires should be sparkly. Unless you live in Anne Rice’s world.

Still haven’t picked a set of lyrics.

I can’t tell if Cecile was annoyed or intrigued enough by Viticus to forget she apparently has a “boyfriend”. I better let her know he’s off-limits.

Met up with Claire for coffee earlier tonight. Viticus tagged along but he spent most of the night buried in his notebook and only speaking when spoken to. He had a rough night of sleeping and asked if he could stay at the apartment while I was at work. (Also, I think Claire’s repeated attempts to alternately thank him for saving my life and hook us up were wearing at him.) He’s asleep on my couch again and planning to go visit a friend in the morning, but hopefully he’s okay…

At some point in the evening, Claire pulled out the new Stephanie Meyer book. The following conversation ensued…

Me: Oh, my God. You bought the fucking book. I can’t believe you bought it!
Viticus: Which is it?
Me: It’s that--that new one. That new vampire book.
Claire: Breaking Dawn. And I even went to the release party.
Me: Oh my God.
Viticus: I don’t get it. What’s wrong with it?
Me: The woman doesn’t know a thing about vampires. That’s what’s wrong.
Claire: What’s wrong with her vampires, Al? Edward Cullen’s a total sexpot!
Me: Edward Cullen is a sparkly vampire who walks around in the sunlight. How do you NOT see anything WRONG with that?
Claire: Hello! Total sexpot!
Viticus: Aren’t vampires destroyed by the sun?
Me: Exactly! And they aren’t supposed to sparkle! Not even Anne Rice’s gay vampires did that!

At which point I got called an elitist and old-fashioned. But seriously, unless you’re a half-vampire with a mission to slay other vampires, stay out of the sun. Although even Blade was a little questionable…
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