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According to the date on my last entry, it’s been at least two weeks since my last entry. That should be a testament to how busy my life has been lately. I’m exhausted, so I’ll just stick to bullet points:

- Claire is in London on a month-long assignment. I am very jealous.
- Cecile and I are getting along better. I still haven’t met her boyfriend.
- School is starting soon. I can’t believe I’m in my final year already. Where the hell does the time go?
- Work is fucking insane. Seriously. What is with so many women having babies all at once in the late summer? I haven’t had a day off since the last time I posted this.

Mr. E has been lingering around more often lately. It’s nice.

I haven’t been sleeping so well lately, though. That’s not so nice. And I think… I don’t know. I need to talk to certain people. They can help me figure things out.
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