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School? What's that?

It has been a strange couple of weeks. If I didn’t have a stack of textbooks and several class syllabuses (syllabuses? syllabi?) on one side and several post-its stuck to the back of my computer detailing photo jobs that I have lined up I seriously doubt that I would’ve even realized that school was back in session. And honestly, it’s not that a lot has been going on in the last two weeks; things have just been kind of…strange. I can’t explain it, really.

I haven’t been sleeping very well. That might have something to do with it. And when I DO sleep I never wake up in bed. Somehow, I always find myself on my couch (usually with paint on myself) and a new, finished painting on the easel. And they’re all really…strange. Small portraits--all of them men. Viticus’s was the first one, and the only person I recognize, but somehow I’d painted him as a samurai? (If you knew him, you’d know how strange that is.) The rest, I don’t recognize. They all come from very different time periods, that’s for sure. It’s so weird…

Ah, shit. I have to get going. I’m supposed to be meeting some friends for a dinner. Note to self: Bring up the lack of sleep, the paintings, and reread a few stories in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
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